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Bioremediation Restorative

The Next Generation in Soil Absorption Area Restoration:
Single Day Bioremediation Process!

Cape Cod Biochemical Company, the premier provider of natural septic system solutions since 1976, proudly introduces the culmination of intensive, dedicated laboratory research...

AfterShock is a unique blend of laboratory-enhanced, naturally-occurring, primarily aerobic organisms that are type-specific to the various substances that typically clog residential and commercial drain fields and leaching structures. AfterShock also contains a proprietary, bacteria-friendly, time-release oxidizing agent that will accelerate the bacterial action of the organisms in the product to restore drainage in most soil-absorption areas.

Unlike all other oxidizing products, AfterShock's consortium of bacteria and oxidizer can be applied at the same time. The oxygen-accelerated bacterial action will quickly digest the organic solid materials that reduce the drain fields' capacity to absorb water, effectively restoring drainage through a natural process. The bacteria contained in AfterShock are authorized by the USDA, and have been treating septic systems around the world since 1976.

The History
The bacteria in Aftershock are our BIO-REM E-D high-count, broad spectrum granular bacteria/enzyme formulation. For over 20 years, BIO-REM E-D has been used alone to help restore drainage to clogged and clogging drain fields and leaching structures.

The first enhancement came with the high-pressure water jetter. The short-term percolation established by the jetter combined with a shock dosage of BIO-REM -E-D made the bioremediation process that much closer to guaranteeable.

Next came soil facturing equipment. Again, the percolation created by soil fracturing followed by a shock dosage of BIO-REM E-D took the bioremediation process one more step forward.

Then came oxidizers. Shocking a system with an oxidizer degraded sulfides and opened some drainage. If followed by a shock dosage of BIO-REM E-D the systems could almost always be saved.

The down-side with oxidizers has been that (until now) all the oxidizers created a pH spike that immediately killed any bacteria present. For that reason, you had to wait at least a week or more to apply BIO-REM E-D to the system. Even the oxidizer manufacturers recommend waiting up to 2 weeks before applying bacteria to the system.

We have been working long and hard to develop an oxygen source that is compatible with bacteria. After extensive laboratory testing, we have developed an oxygen/bacteria product that can be applied at the same time. This makes AfterShock unique to the industry. You can use it alone, or after jetting, or after soil-facturing, and it will make it all work better. 

No more complicated protocol and array of products. Everything is in one can. Everything is applied together. No more every-other-day-for-a-week applications. No more coming back next week or next month for the next part of the treatment. Just hit it once and backfill. It's that simple.

Saves Time and Money
The AfterShock program will save the contractor time and money, and it will save the homeowner time, money and the aggravation of excavation. The contractor will save money since he only has to buy one product for the whole job. And it saves the time of having to leave the system exposed in order to make multiple visits to the site for multiple product applications. The homeowner is really the big winner, because AfterShock saves the drain field, cesspool, seepage pit, or sand filter from having to be replaced.

AfterShock Applications
  is intended to improve drainage in drain fields and leaching structures such as seepage pits and cesspool. Prior to treatment it is important to dewater the facility and mechanically clean as much buildup out of it as possible.

After cleaning and dewatering it is recommended that the AfterShock dosage be applied directly to the leaching area. If there is no distribution box, installing a cleanout or some type of sweep on the discharge line of the septic tank is recommended. Putting AfterShock directly into the septic tank is NOT recommended. Mixing the AfterShock dosage with water prior to applying is NOT recommended unless the AfterShock/water solution is injected into the soil absorption facility immediately after mixing. Otherwise the dosage should go in dry, then washed into the field/pit with enough water to deliver it where it needs to go.

For cesspools and seepage pits (the most difficult task for AfterShock) it is recommended that you pump the pit/cesspool down; clean as much buildup as possible from the inside and bottom of the structure using a jetter or pressure washer; scarify the bottom if possible; refill the structure 1/3 to 1/2 full with clear water; then apply the AfterShock dosage: 36 pounds for structures servicing septic tanks up to 2000-gallon capacity.

Results can be expected to begin shortly after applying the product. It will do most everything it is going to do in 2 to 4 weeks. If there has been significant improvement to the drainage, but more improvement is desired, it is advisable to retreat the system.

AfterShock is packaged in 36-pound pails. A pail will generally treat 2 residential systems, or one commercial system, It is more expensive than most other oxidizers alone, and it is more expensive than BIO-REM E-D alone. But it is far less expensive than any other oxidizers/bacteria combination. And the bacteria in AfterShock are USDA Approved. So it can be used with confidence.

For more information, contact your AfterShock distributor.

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