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There are several good reasons to sell a bacterial septic system additive off your truck:

1. additives replace the bacteria killed by the many household cleaners used in every home every day;

2. additives help to reverse any clogging trend in the soil absorption area; and

3. people want to participate in the maintenance of their systems.

Let's fact it - it's less expensive over the long run and a whole lot less aggravating if people maintain their septic systems.
And they want to do it! How many times have your customers asked you if there's anything they can put in their tanks to help them work better?


There are literally hundreds of products being sold as septic system additives. Some are good; some are not so good; and some are sawdust or fertilizer. The best ones are found in the pages of this publication. And the best of the best is CCLS:

1. CCLS has the broadest spectrum and highest count of organism in the industry:

2. CCLS has been sold exclusively through septic professionals since 1976;

3. CCLS is part of the best customer education program in the business; and

4. CCLS provides the fastest service and unparalleled technical and promotional support.

To find out more about the premier product and program in the pumping trades please call us at 1-800-759-2257. We'll send you all of our product information as well as the heart of our customer education program, "What Everyone Should Know About Septic Systems". There is no cost or obligation, and no obnoxiuos salesman will call you (a big plus with us).

P.S. Did we mention that CCLS is profitable?

You owe it to your customers and your bank account. Please call today, before your competition does. Thank you.                                --Rick Howe, President

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