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Septic Tank & Cesspool

Residential septic system maintenance
Commercial septic systems (not restaurant)
Municipal waste treatment plants
To remove organic stains/odor
To remove pet odors
To clean organically stained carpets/upholstery
To use as laundry presoak for feces/urine

Grease Trap/Sewer & Drain Line

Restaurant grease trap maintenance: manual
USDA facilites
Municipal waste treatment plants
To use in conjunction with soil facturing

Professional Strength Soil Absorption Restorative

BIO-REM E-D plus Oxidizer
Residential drain field restoration
Commercial drain field restoration
Restaurant drain field restoration
To use in conjunction with jetter

Concentrated Drain Cleaner

Residential drain/pipe buildup remover
Commercial drain/pipe buildup remover
Commercial sewer line maintenance
Lift station maintenance (not restaurant)
Restaurant grease trap maintenance: automatic
Restaurant drain/pipe buildup remover
To use as deodorizing spray
To introduct through jetter