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The Cape Cod Digest is the newsletter of CCLS, BIO-REM E-D, AfterShock, and DrainMaster. It will be published whenever there is enough information to fill the space. The Cape Cod Digest is dedicated to bringing you information about the septic-related industries, as well as Cape Cod Biochemical Company developments. We appreciate any input and/or comments.


NAWTlogo.gifOur good friend Hollis Warren of Hollis T. Warren, Inc., in Wyoming Delaware, has just received yet another award for this work in the on-site septic field. Delaware Technical and Community College, a renowned Environmental Training Center, of which Hollis is a graduate, awarded Hollis The 2009 On-Site Professional of the Year.

Hollis has worked for many years to raise the bar in treatment and licensing standards, which at the same time raised the level of respect of the on-site industry. Hollis is considered a pioneer in disposal technology due to his broadened use of land application with lime stabilization, and has one of the few permitted grease trap waste land treatment facilities in the northeastern US.

In addition to this most recent award, Hollis was previously named NAWT Man of the Year, and received the Ralph Macchio Lifetime Achievement Award from COLE Publishing.

We're proud to be associated with Hollis. Congratulations, and HUGE Tip o' the Hat to our fellow Macchio Award winner




We recently attended the Fifth Annual Waste Treatment Symposium Sept. 15 and 16. The Symposium was held in Washington, PA at the family farm of Hapchuk, Inc. and at Hapchuk's Liquid Assets Disposal (L.A.D.) facility in Wheeling, WV.

Unlike previous symposia, which were held at hotels with a field trip to a treatment facility, Dave Hapchuk held all the classroom and vendor sessions right at his facility in Washington, PA. Dave has several large buildings that he emptied out to accomodate the approximately 135 contractors, engineers, and consultants from all over the world (yes...there was someone there from Guam!) All meals were served at Hapchuk's including the delicious Wednesday night dinner, complete with a band and 400 of Dave's friends to make the event more festive. Dave's staff was constantly making sure that everything ran smoothly. A very impressive operation indeed!

The classes were extremely informative on a variety of topics, including how to recover methane from a grease waste digestor, making grease a much more valuable asset. The trip to the L.A.D. treatment facility was fantastic. Dave opened the facility to the group, and 135 people climbed all over the equipment and talked with the many vendors who helped Dave and his partner Andy Kicinski set up this state-of-the-art plant. The advantage to networking with people that you don't compete with was never more evident. The value of this type of event is obvious, watching professionals in the field comparing notes on the various components of the L.A.D. facility.

Dave Hapchuk has significantly raised the symposium hosting bar, and future Waste Treatment Symposiums will certainly benefit from Dave's efforts this year. Thanks to the NAWT and Hapchuk, Inc. for a tremendously educational and valuable networking experience




In the first two installments on identity theft we talked about ATM's, reducing paper, computer scams. and computer "phishing". These are all very important things to be on guard about. But the bottom line is this: if someone has stolen your identity and starts to use your name to get credit, steal and otherwise ruin your good name, the place that this type of activity will show up first is your credit report.

Unless you subscribe to a service that constantly monitors activity on you credit report and flags unusual activity, you're on your own to monitor these reports.

You've probably seen the TV ads for services like These companies will provide a free credit report, and will also try to sell you a credit report monitoring service. You don't have to get the service to get the free report, but you need to cancel the service within a very short time to avoid being automatically signed up for the monitoring service.

What the ads don't tell you is that each of the three national credit report firms (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) are all required BY LAW to provide an annual credit report FOR FREE.  This means you are entitled to three free credit reports per year. This means that every four months you can monitor your credit report. If someone has stolen your identity and has started to ruin your good name, you'll know about it very fast.

You can get the reports at the following sites (you'll have to provide a credit card, but they won't charge anything unless you don't cancel the service):

  • Transunion Credit Bureau -
  • Equifax - Equifax.xom
  • Experian -

Remember - it's easy; it's free; it's comprehensive; and it's required by law that they provide the information. We HIGHLY recommend that you put it on your calendar to check your credit score every four months. It's the absolutely best way to protect yourself against identity theft.


expologo.JPGCOLE Publishing, the sanctioning body that holds the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International, has decided to change the venue for the Expo in 2012.
The Expo has been held in several US cities over the years. The first Expo in 1981 was held at the Opryland hotel in Nashville. The hotel at that time did not even remotely resemble what it grew into - one of the most unbelievable world-class facilities anywhere. Unfortunately, Expo quickly outgrew the convention space that Opryland had way back then, and the show moved to Biloxi, Mississippi and to Ft. Worth, Texas. By the end of the Texas show Opryland had expanded their convention space, and Expo went back to Nashville. But Expo continued to grow rapidly, and after a mere two years. Expo once again outgrew Opryland. The Expo then moved to the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. And as hard as it is to believe, Expo outgrew the Superdome after two years. By then Opryland has again increased their convention space, and Expo returned to Nashville.
Opryland was able to keep up with Expo's growth for many years, until in 2008 Expo had once again beyond Opryland's capability to provide space. Expo then moved to Louisville, where it has been for the last three years.
Louisville has been great, but guess what? Expo is on the move again, to one of the greatest citites in the US that nobody goes to. Indianapolis.
Indianapolis has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the nation's #1 hotel value, and Sports Illustrated has called it "the most walkable downtown in America." The Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown, connected to 8 hotels, 3200 hotel rooms. and Circle City Mall and entertainment complex. It is within walking distance of 50 major attractions and 200 restaurants. And be sure to go out to the speedway. Take the tour. Visit the museum. See the site of the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.
As many times as I've been to Nashville (approximately 25), I've been to Indianapolis at least 35 times. I have family there. I go to the Indianapolis 500 every year. I met my wife there. Believe me when I tell you that Indianapolis is a bulls-eye choice for Expo. You will not be disappointed. And you will never again say "I wish the show was still in Nashville." You'll want the Expo in Indianapolis forever. That's how great a city is. I am personally extremely excited not only because I love Indianapolis, but I'm excited because I know EVERYBODY will love Indianapolis. I can't wait!


Just a quick reminder: prices are going up in January. Don't forget to check your inventory and give us a call with your Fall order at the old price. Remember... you can't sell it if you don't have.
As always, we appreciate your business and your input, but most of all we appreciate your friendship. Please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in the Digest or anything at all we can do to make our relationship better. Because YOU are the reason we're in business. Thank you!

--Rick Howe, President