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Product Data Sheet

PRODUCT NAME: DrainMaster Concentrated Drain Cleaner

   Opens problem drains
                    Removes buildup
                    Keeps drains free-flowing
                    Maintains grease traps
                    Controls odors

USES:     Drains, traps, plumbing lines              
               Commercial grease trap
               Residential waste systems
               Sluggish waste lines
               Soil absorption areas
               Problem odors

                                                          Multiple unit residence
                                                          Restaurants & commercial kitchens
                                                          Public restrooms
                                                          Institutions & health care facilites
                                                          Hotels, motels, retail outlets

PRODUCT COMPOSITION: Liquid bacteria/enzyme solution containing billions enzyme-producing microorganism formulated to biologically break dow fat, grease, oil, starch, protein, carbohydrates, and most other organic matter that tends to block plumbing waste systems and create odors.

PRODUCT APPEARANCE: Color:  green liquid, slightly turbid
                                         Fragrance: mild, fresh
                                         Specific gravity: 1 where water = 1
                                         Packaging: 12 x 1 quarts
                                                           4x1 gallons
                                                           5 gallon pails
                                                           55 gallon poly drums

CONDITIONS FOR USE:  Best pH range: 6.0 - 9.0
                                       Best temperature range 550 - 1200F.
                                       Expect limited activity below: 400F.

ADVANTAGES: DrainMaster is scientifically formulated from naturally-occurring microorganisms. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-combustible. DrainMaster contains no formaldehyde, no phenotics, no carcinogens, no quaternary compounds, and no EPA priority pollutants. DrainMaster is completely safe to store and use in the home when used according to directions. It is biodegradable and is safe to the environment.

HOW IT WORKS: The bacteria and anzymes in DrainMaster work together to break down and eliminate buildup and odors through a natural degradation process. DrainMaster is not intended to open completely clogged drains.

ACCESSOY AUTOMATICH PUMP: DrainMaster can be automatically injected into grease traps and other waste systems via DrainMaster timed metering pump by Viking Injector, or other suitable injection device.