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A Day in the Life of a "Bug"

(As CCLS  Bacteria are affectionately called) 

As the organisms in CCLS awaken, they find themselves in a bottle under the kitchen sink of Helen Homemaker in Anytown, USA. Is this the day the CCLS gets used for the septic system or the drain?

6:30AM: The cabinet door flies open and Helen's husband, Joe Homemaker, grabs for the CCLS bottle, cursing a blue streak: 'I can't *&%&* believe I spilled bacon grease on my suit coat. This CCLS better get it out, or I'll be late for my business meeting with the Big Deal Company".

(A little dab of CCLS will do you, Joe. By the time you get to the office you won't even be able to find that stain. Have a good meeting, and watch your language...)

7:45AM: "PEE-YEW!! If I'd known how bad this diaper pail would stink I would never have had kids!!!"

(Diaper pails, garbage cans, and a cat litter box are good reasons to keep CCLS in a spray bottle. Kids are good, Helen. It's better to get rid of the odor than the kids. And CCLS is a great laundry pre-soak for badly soiled cloth diapers, bedding, etc.)

1:15PM: "Helen, what's wrong with your garbage disposal? It seems to be clogged?!!!"

(How embarrassing. The Bridge Club comes over and my disposal backs up and smells bad. Thank goodness, CCLS is safe and effective for disposals. It will be back in shape before you can say "three no trump.")

3:30PM: "What's the matter with you kids? Can't you drink grape juice without spilling it on the carpet?"

(Lighten up, Mom. You know CCLS will remove stains. Just like it did when Dad spilled coffee in his car.)

5:45PM: "The family loves my onion soup, but I hate it. I have to live with these onion-smelling hands for days. It makes me cry."

(Rinse your hands with CCLS, Helen. It will get rid of odors from onions or lobsters or whatever food you grind into your hands.")

6:05PM: "Welcome home, dear, How was your day, and whatever is that smell??!! "My day was fine, but the night is not starting off well. Fido got sprayed by a skunk."

(Dilute CCLS with water and bathe that hound in the solution. It's completely safe to store and use in the home, and it won't harm animals or humans when used according to directions.)

10:30PM: The Homemaker family retires for the day. "Sweet dreams." "Our dreams will be as sweet at our life thanks to that all-purpose home-care product, CCLS. YAWN... and you thought it was just for septic...snore."